Video recording the Selenium Automation scripts

Its been a long time since I have posted an article, been very busy with work. So, here is an article about video recording the automation scripts that you running.

I have used a third part library called “” to record the testing. This is done when there are issues. The recorded video is attached to the Jira ticket for the developer to see the steps and also know the issue.

Here are the libraries you need import.
[gist id=5719121]

For the video to work make sure you use both the startRecording and stopRecording methods.

Useful links:

One thought on “Video recording the Selenium Automation scripts

  1. Uma says:

    Hello, Monte recorder is works fine in my machine, when i had put the code in Jenkins server, if the machine where the job is running is not logged in, the recorded video is just black, Thanks in advance for the help

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