Selenium IDE 1.5.0 to be released on 15th December 2011

Selenium IDE 1.5.0 New – Added support for Firefox 9 Bug – Changes to user extensions weren’t being updated in Firefox 8 – issue 2801 Bug – Security error was thrown when trying to type into file (upload) input fields in Firefox 8 – issue 2826 Bug – Improved French locale – issue 1912 Bug […]

Issues with Selenium RC and Selenium IDE typeKeys

The typeKeys doesn’t type the ‘dot’ in the text we are entering: selenium.typeKeys(“assigned_to”, “”); Your output will be seleniumcom and not The “dot” is missing. This is happening with both Selenium RC and Selenium IDE. Here is another issue with typeKeys selenium.typeKeys(“id=username”, “TypeKeys”); Your output will be “TpeKes” in the textfield. The “Y” is […]