Selenium IDE 1.5.0 to be released on 15th December 2011

Selenium IDE 1.5.0
New – Added support for Firefox 9
Bug – Changes to user extensions weren’t being updated in Firefox 8 – issue 2801
Bug – Security error was thrown when trying to type into file (upload) input fields in Firefox 8 – issue 2826
Bug – Improved French locale – issue 1912
Bug – break command was failing – issue 725
Bug – source view is now fixed width (monospace) – issue 522
New – Implemented ‘select’ formatting for WebDriver bindings (Java, C#, Python, Ruby)
Bug – Fixed compile-time and run-time errors in the code formatted for WebDriverBackedSelenium
Bug – Fixed ‘baseUrl’ and ‘get’ formatting errors in various formatters to handle relative and absolute URLs

Issues with Selenium RC and Selenium IDE typeKeys

The typeKeys doesn’t type the ‘dot’ in the text we are entering:
selenium.typeKeys(“assigned_to”, “”);
Your output will be seleniumcom and not The “dot” is missing. This is happening with both Selenium RC and Selenium IDE.
Here is another issue with typeKeys
selenium.typeKeys(“id=username”, “TypeKeys”);
Your output will be “TpeKes” in the textfield. The “Y” is stripped out.
When use “typeKeys” to type “y”, it will active “file” menu in firefox.
Other characters are all OK.

This issue is now fixed when you use the WebDriverBackedSelenium class because you use WebDriver as a backend instead of Selenium Core. The merge with WebDriver for the Sel-IDE side is in progress. But I’ll see what happens in your case but it’s probably in Selenium Core where the problem occurs and not in Selenium IDE. The file concerned is htmlutils.js (function triggerKeyEvent).