Validating the text from a text box using Selenium RC

Here is the html code input id=”qu” and the text in the text input box is Selenium Wiki. To validate the text from a text box using Selenium RC you will have to use the Selenium command selenium.getValue(). This will get the value in the location input id=”qu”. selenium.getValue(“//input[@id=’qu’]”) If you found this solution helpful […]

How to verify if there are even number of xpaths in Selenium RC

There was a requirement to check if there are even number of a particular element on a web page. Here is the code to check if there are even number of element xpath on the page. The code is in Visual Studio C#. try { Assert.IsTrue(Convert.ToInt32(selenium.GetXpathCount(“//div[@id=’elementid’]”)) % 2 == 0); } catch (Exception e) { […]

Overriding the SendKeys Selenium 2 Webdriver

Here is a function I have written that checks if an element is present and then executes the Type/SendKeys command. public void type(String xpath, String value) { if (driver.FindElement(By.XPath(xpath))!=null) { driver.FindElement(By.XPath(xpath)).SendKeys(value); } else { Console.WriteLine(“The element is not found: ” + xpath); } } Using the function in the test script. type(“//input[@name=’p’]”, “Selenium Wiki”);

Using verifyTextPresent in Selenium 2 Webdriver

There is no verifyTextPresent in Selenium 2 Webdriver; I have created a function that you use to verify if a particular text is present on a web page. You can change the name of the function to anything you want. public void verifyTextPresent(String value) { driver.PageSource.Contains(value); ; } Using the function in your test script. […]

Creating getText function for Selenium 2 in C Sharp

As most of you know there is no getText() function in Selenium 2 C#; I have created a function that you can use to get the text associated with a element/xpath. public String getText(String xpath) { String x = driver.FindElement(By.XPath(xpath)).Text; return x; } Here is how I have used the getText() function in my test […]