How to locate an element by Xpath with its dynamic title

Example: I have two images ImageHTMLCode some_date1 and some_date2 are generated dynamically. How to locate them using CSS locator ? click css=img[title*=’since’] : will not work because it won’t make difference between the two images. Here is the solution: If you want to click on the first try this : //IMG[contains(@title,’Critical since’)][1]

Selenium the Agile automation testing tool

Test automation is usually lagging behind development of new functionality. The tools that are used to automate are dependent on the UI and this causes automation of the functionality to start only after the environment and the UI are stable. Selenium is the test automation tool that helps test below the UI layer. The automation […]

Issues with Selenium RC and Selenium IDE typeKeys

The typeKeys doesn’t type the ‘dot’ in the text we are entering: selenium.typeKeys(“assigned_to”, “”); Your output will be seleniumcom and not The “dot” is missing. This is happening with both Selenium RC and Selenium IDE. Here is another issue with typeKeys selenium.typeKeys(“id=username”, “TypeKeys”); Your output will be “TpeKes” in the textfield. The “Y” is […]

Selenium RC with Visual Studio 2010 and NUnit

Here is an example of Selenium RC with Visual Studio 2010 and NUnit. The pass results areĀ  written to the file pass.txt and the failed results to fail.txt. In this test we are going to openĀ and the do a search for “selenium rc” and search for the text “Selenium eRemote-Control” on the google […]