Comprehensive Selenium integration in Hudson with Selunit

This example tells you how to integrate Hudson with Selunit. Selunit can be used to execute Selenium tests directly from Selenium IDE in Hudson builds and using Hudson reporting capabilities provided for JUnit, where Selunit transforms Selenium reports to. The goal is to point out a comprehensive solution beginning with a convenient way creating and […]

Issues with Selenium RC and Selenium IDE typeKeys

The typeKeys doesn’t type the ‘dot’ in the text we are entering: selenium.typeKeys(“assigned_to”, “”); Your output will be seleniumcom and not The “dot” is missing. This is happening with both Selenium RC and Selenium IDE. Here is another issue with typeKeys selenium.typeKeys(“id=username”, “TypeKeys”); Your output will be “TpeKes” in the textfield. The “Y” is […]

How to solve the link has target ‘_blank’, which is not supported in Selenium

Here is an example¬† <a id=”ctl00_contentSection_ViewSeleniumWiki” target=”_blank” href=””>View Selenium Wiki</a> If you use selenium IDE to click on the link you will get the error message : Link has target ‘_blank’, which is not supported in Selenium! Randomizing target to be: Here is the solution <tr> <td>storeAttribute</td> <td>//a[@id=’ctl00_contentSection_ViewSeleniumWiki’]/@href</td> <td>href</td> </tr> <tr> <td>echo</td> ‘ this is […]

Handling Selenium error – verifyXpathCount

Here is an error that I got when I executed the following verifyXpathCount command <tr> <td>verifyXpathCount</td> <td>xpath=//span[@id=’ctl00_contentSection_GoogleAFSRight’]/div/div[@class=’SingleVertical’]/a[@class=’Heading’ and @href]</td> <td>4</td> </tr> Error Message Unexpected Exception: message -> The expression cannot be converted to return the specified type., code -> 52, INVALID_EXPRESSION_ERR -> 51, TYPE_ERR -> 52, result -> 2153447476, name -> NS_ERROR_DOM_TYPE_ERR, filename -> chrome://selenium-ide/content/selenium/scripts/htmlutils.js, […]

Selenium – createCookie

createCookie(nameValuePair, optionsString) Arguments: nameValuePair – name and value of the cookie in a format “name=value” optionsString – options for the cookie. Currently supported options include ‘path’, ‘max_age’ and ‘domain’. the optionsString’s format is “path=/path/, max_age=60,”. The order of options are irrelevant, the unit of the value of ‘max_age’ is second. Note that specifying a […]