Regression Testing

To Automate or Not to Automate? 

Is automation always advantageous? When should one decide to automate test cases?
It is not always advantageous to automate test cases. There are times when manual testing may be more appropriate. For instance, if the application’s user interface will change considerably in the near future, then any automation would need to be rewritten. Also, sometimes there simply is not enough time to build test automation. For the short term, manual testing may be more effective. If an application has a very tight deadline, there is currently no test automation available, and it’s imperative that the testing get done within that time frame, then manual testing is the best solution.


By Pavandeep Puddupakkam on September 17, 2010 | Automation Tools | A comment?
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Reasons to automate the regression test suite 

There are four reasons why you should automate the regression test suite
1. It increases the amount of time testers have to test new functionality. (That’s manual exploratory testing. Which requires intelligence, creativity and adaptability. Which requires a human being.)
2. It increases the level of confidence in the regression test results (Let’s be honest, humans are poor regression testers. Checking the same thing over and over is tedious. Unlike computers, we get bored, we get distracted, we don’t notice regressions slipping past.)
3. Once automated you can run them any time you want (No more worries resourcing regression testing, just press “start”.)
4. It increases testers job satisfaction – less context switching, no repetitive testing, more time to find bugs, greater use of mental abilities.


Copying and Archiving selenium result using DOS and Visual Studio 2010 

After every run of the regression test suite you will have either copy the result files to a particular folder or Archive the files for future reference. Here is an example of how you can use the dos batch file to copy the files and archive the files. The batch file is then called in my selenium test script in C# (Visual Studio 2010)
Here is the batch file copyfile.bat