Setup Grid instance on a remote machine and executing the test script on the remote machine. 

Requirements on your current system (System A) and remote system (System B)
Download and Install Chrome browser
Selenium Server Download version 2.33.0 from
Chromedriver from
Latest version of Java Version 7 download it from


Resolving – Element is not clickable at point 

Here is a simple solution to resolve the Element is not clickable at point issue with ChromeDriver in Webdriver.
Here is the function I have written to detect the browser and then pause for .5 sec before executing the next command.


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Resolving Chromedriver ‘No response from server for url’ 

Just put a Thread.Sleep after initializing the ChromeDriver.
driver = new ChromeDriver();


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Launching Webdriver on Google Chrome custom profile 

String chromeProfile =
ArrayList switches = new ArrayList();
switches.add("--user-data-dir=" + chromeProfile);
capabilities.setCapability("chrome.switches", switches);
driver = new ChromeDriver(capabilities);

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