Using XPather in software testing

The XPather is a simple Firefox extension that integrates both with the browser and its DOMInspector. Thus, is’t very lightweight and cross-platform. It is valuable mainly as a web/XML-app development and hacking tool.
Common Use-cases

* HTML, XML, *ML – DOM tree navigation, XPath generation
* Document debugging
* XPath testing and evaluation

* Simple data extraction (textual, web-clipping)
* Pattern recognition, searching


* DOMInspector navigation toolbar

* Customizable XPath generation
* XPath evaluation
* XPath/Regexp syntax checking
* Feature rich XPath Browser

* Relative XPath support
* Frames, IFrames support
* Cross-frame XPath evaluation (NEW)
* Namespaces and default namespaces support (NEW)

* Cheatsheet
* Optional RegExp content matching
* Content extraction tool (text, HTML, WebClip, …)
* Accessible from DOMi, or browser context menu

Xpather can be used to get the xpath for a text area check box and once you get the xpath you can use it to add “Type” text or select a check box or radio button or verify some text on a web page. You can use xpath in webtest canoo a web testing tool or in Seleniun


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