Using regexpi in selenium.isTextPresent()

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Here is an example where you can use regexpi in selenium.isTextPresent(). You can use regexpi when you are checking for the text but are not worried about the case-sensitivity if the text.

Say I am looking for the text “This is” and the text on the webpage is “This is”; if you use selenium.isTextPresent(“This is”) your script will fail. To verify this you can use selenium.IsTextPresent(“regexpi:This is”)

Assert.IsTrue(selenium.IsTextPresent("regexpi:This is"));
catch (AssertionException e)

The regexp function is case sensitive in matching regular expressions to a string, and regexpi is case insensitive.

5 thoughts on “Using regexpi in selenium.isTextPresent()

  1. luciano says:

    Assert.IsTrue(Regex.IsMatch(selenium.GetText(webTouHeading), Control.Product +" example string", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase));

  2. Giribabu says:

    Displaying following error “line 18: ExecutionResult: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” when i use following code “selenium.IsTextPresent(“regexpi:Prices Saved”

  3. Ravi Teja says:

    Hi , I am having similar requirement , i need to select a checkbox , i will get the checkbox name dynamically during the program execution. I need to select the checkbox ignoring case sensitivity , i have

    tried“css=td[class=’dxeListBoxItem dxeT’]:contains(“regexpi:”+str+””)”);

    but it is highlighting as error in eclipse .
    Please help me in solving this.

    ThankS & Regards
    Ravi Teja P.

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