Setup Grid instance on a remote machine and executing the test script on the remote machine.

Requirements on your current system (System A) and remote system (System B) Download and Install Chrome browser Selenium Server Download version 2.33.0 from Chromedriver from Latest version of Java Version 7 download it from Installation on your current system (System A) and remote system (System B) Create a new folder “Selenium” in […]

Running different versions of Firefox on Selenium Grid 2

Here is the command line to run Firefox versions on selenium grid 2 java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.20.0.jar -role rc -hub -browser “browserName=firefox,platform=WINDOWS,version=5″ -port 5559 (RC). I download Firefox 5 and saved it in a folder [b]FF5 [/b]on my C drive. Here is my selenium set-up to run my selenium rc scripts on Port 5559 and […]

Installing Selenium Grid with MbUnit and Gallio

In this article I will explain you how you can install and run your Selenium C# scripts on Selenium Grid using MbUnit and Gallio 1. Download Gallio runner 2. Unzip the files to C:\GallioBundle-3.2.603.0 3. Add reference to Mbunit and Gallio in your selenium framework 4. Add MbUnit.Framework namespace to the test script. 5. Add […]