Selenium Keyword Driven Framework

In the implementation of the Keyword Framework Approach for testing a web application we can used Selenium IDE as the Record/Replay tool. Once you have the script you can then run the scripts using Selenium RC or Selenium Grid. A typical script for automation involves a number of actions or steps on a web page. […]

Example of store, storeEval and GetEval in selenium

Here is an example of using store and store eval in selenium in C# its GetEval String SiteName = “Selenium Wiki”; String SiteName = selenium.GetEval(“storedVars[‘SiteName’].substring(9);”); Console.WriteLine(SiteName); The output will be Wiki The HTML selenium code is as under: store Selenium Wiki SiteName storeEval storedVars[‘incident’].substring(9); SiteName echo ${SiteName} How did this solution work for you? Do […]

Simple Selenium IDE Test Script

If you are new to Selenium IDE and you are looking for a simple selenium ide script here is one in HTML format. selenium.Open(“/”); selenium.Type(“q”, “selenium wiki”); selenium.Click(“btnG”); Thread.Sleep(5000); selenium.Click(“link=Selenium Wiki”); selenium.WaitForPageToLoad(“30000″);