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Selenium IDE 1.5.0 to be released on 15th December 2011 

Selenium IDE 1.5.0
New – Added support for Firefox 9
Bug – Changes to user extensions weren’t being updated in Firefox 8 – issue 2801
Bug – Security error was thrown when trying to type into file (upload) input fields in Firefox 8 – issue 2826
Bug – Improved French locale – issue 1912
Bug – break command was failing – issue 725
Bug – source view is now fixed width (monospace) – issue 522
New – Implemented ‘select’ formatting for WebDriver bindings (Java, C#, Python, Ruby)
Bug – Fixed compile-time and run-time errors in the code formatted for WebDriverBackedSelenium
Bug – Fixed ‘baseUrl’ and ‘get’ formatting errors in various formatters to handle relative and absolute URLs

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Comprehensive Selenium integration in Hudson with Selunit 

This example tells you how to integrate Hudson with Selunit. Selunit can be used to execute Selenium tests directly from Selenium IDE in Hudson builds and using Hudson reporting capabilities provided for JUnit, where Selunit transforms Selenium reports to. The goal is to point out a comprehensive solution beginning with a convenient way creating and maintaining tests using Sel IDE, running them concerning multiple browsers/environments and finally monitoring and analyzing reports in Hudson.

All resources used in this tutorial are focused on examples for testing a travel community portal (“travel lights” in English).

For more information go to

This Article is Submitted by Michael Blank

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FlexMonkium – Selenium IDE plugin for FlexMonkey 

FlexMonkium is a free Selenium IDE plugin for FlexMonkey that is used in recording and playback to Selenium. With FlexMonkium, Flex recording and playback is seamlessly interleaved with native Selenium recording and playback so you can easily automate the testing of hybrid web applications that mix html and Javascript with Flex. In addition to creating and running Flex tests inside the Selenium IDE, you can export your hybrid testing scripts as JUnit 4 tests that run with Selenium-RC to easily enable automated testing and continuous integration.
For more info check

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Selenium IDE 1.0.12 for Firefox 5 

Selenium IDE 1.0.12 is now available and you can get it from the seleniumhq download site.
This is a minor release with nothing too huge included. But because the last one didn’t get pushed to the world, it is important to make a note of a big change introduced in 1.0.11.

We have marked the changing of formats as Experimental due to a couple lose-all-your-data bugs. As a result it is disabled in the toolbar by default. To enable it, click the checkbox in the Options menu. And because we really don’t want you to lose your data, when you switch formats you will get a big warning box. This too can be disabled in the Options menu. But if you do both of these things and your script gets sent to the abyss, you have been warned. icon smile Selenium IDE 1.0.12 for Firefox 5

Changes in this release include the following:
New – Firefox 5 support
New – When upgrading Se-IDE, the release notes (these) are shown on first start
Bug – some Java format changes
Bug – some PHP format changes
Bug – the ‘Find’ button works again
Bug – generated CSS is standards compliant
New – dropped support for FF 3.5 or older

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Selenium IDE 1.0.11 for Firefox 4 

Selenium IDE 1.0.11 is now available and you can get it from the seleniumhq download site.
Main Features:
Firefox 4 support
New CSS locator builder! Selenium IDE will now create locators using CSS when recording
Added more power to the plugin developers through the new Util command builders support
New command getCssCount

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Selenium IDE File Logging 

I have just found this Plugin that allows the user to write the Selenium IDE Log to a file. Please read this article for more information.
This plugin for Selenium-IDE saves log messages to a file in real time at a user selectable log level. Once this plugin is installed, a FileLogging tab will be added to the options dialog and a FileLogging menu will be added to the log pane.

This version brings a bunch of user experience improvements and some internal improvements. See the screen shot for details. The current settings are also saved and will be retained if you restart the Selenium IDE or Firefox.

Mini user guide for the plugin
Set the log file name and the log level from the Options dialog (FileLogging tab) of the Selenium IDE.
You can open the FileLogging tab of the Options dialog directly by selecting the Show options menu item from the FileLogging menu on the Log pane in Selenium IDE.
You can also set the log level for the log file directly from the FileLogging menu on the Log pane.
Set the log file name empty to stop writing to the log file.
The FileLogging menu on the Log pane will also show if FileLogging is on.

Download the plugin here

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