How to open a worksheet from another workbook

In this example I am opening the worksheet Sheet2 from workbook test2.xls. Sub q() ‘code written on 24/09/2008 by Pavandeep Puddupakkam FileNum = FreeFile ‘ next file number Open “C:\Hotfrog\test1.html” For Output As #FileNum ‘ creates the file if it doesn’t exist Workbooks(“test2.xls”).Activate Sheets(“Sheet2″).Activate If Cells(1, 1) <> “” Then Title = Cells(2, 2) URL […]

Create XML files from excel data sheets

Hi, Here is an example that shows you how to create a xml file from excel data (xls) using macros.Below is the excel sheet that has the data: 3333_1 A country house House <![CDATA[A country house ]]> 33333_2 Sea facing UNIT <![CDATA[Sea facing unit]]> 33333_3 Hill top House <![CDATA[Hill top house]]> 33333_4 City Appartment <![CDATA[City […]