Removing other’s workspace in TFS:

A common scenario while using a system used by some one else who earlier used the same TFS workspace.
You need to be either the owner of the workspace or have the Administer workspaces permission on the Team Foundation Server to perform this.
Open Visual studio Command prompt at

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC

tf workspace /delete [/server:servername] workspacename[;workspaceowner]

workspaceowner – other username or yourself
workspacename – Workspace name including the Computer Name

A GUI based free Team Foundation Sidekicks tool by Attrice Corp can also be used.

Comparing Dates in C# , selenium RC

Example to convert string to date time variable and also compare two date time variable.
string Firstdate = selenium.GetText(FirstDate_xp);
string Nextdate = selenium.GetText(Nextdate_xp);
DateTime date1 = Convert.ToDateTime(Firstdate);
DateTime date2 = Convert.ToDateTime(Nextdate);
int result = DateTime.Compare(date1, date2);
//Compare function returns
//0 if both dates are equal
//1 if date1 is recent than date2
//-1 if date2 is recent than date1

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